Bajaj Avenger Modified Custom Motorcycle Has Harley Davidson Vibes

Bajaj offers two variations of its cruiser bike in the form of Avenger Cruise 220 and Avenger Street 160

Bajaj Avenger Modified Cruiser
Bajaj Avenger Modified Motorcycle

Neev Motorcycles is a Delhi-based company that is known for making beautiful custom motorcycles that are usually based on a Royal Enfield. We have previously covered some of their work, most of which were based on a Royal Enfield. With a rather blank canvas, Royal Enfield are the preferred choice for modding jobs.

Often regarded as ‘sasta Royal Enfield’ Bajaj Avenger is more cruiser than any Royal Enfield motorcycle till date, except for Super Meteor 650 which was launched yesterday. Bajaj Avenger sticks with textbook cruiser parameters and offers unrivaled comfort and ease of riding. Neev Motorcycles have done a recent job on a Bajaj Avenger and will leave you impressed.

Bajaj Avenger Modified Custom Motorcycle

An eye-catching design along with a bobber style single seat layout makes Atom an attractive proposition. The entire motorcycle is finished in black and has a custom fuel tank with a centrally-mounted fuel cap. Harley Davidson vibes are clearly visible.

There is an interesting pattern on top of the fuel tank finished in grey which resembles a Christian cross or Denmark’s flag. Regardless, it does look tasteful. There are custom fork covers, engine guards, auxiliary lights, and a beautifully finished quilted pattern seat cover.

Bajaj Avenger Modified Motorcycle
Bajaj Avenger Modified Motorcycle

Some of the chassis is left exposed and there are new battery covers and air filter covers that are custom and don Atom branding which looks scientific, based on its design. Bajaj Avenger modified motorcycle gets new after-market LED turn indicators at the front and rear. These look very snazzy. An aftermarket exhaust grabs a lot of attention and dons a slip-on end can from SC Project.

Bajaj Avenger Modified Motorcycle
Bajaj Avenger Modified Motorcycle

At front, we now have a new LED headlight that is circular in shape just like stock Avenger. Neev has also installed an aftermarket instrument cluster which is fully digital, replacing the old analog one.

Bajaj Avenger ATOM by Neev

Switchgear is retained from stock motorcycle, which aren’t of high quality. There are bar end mirrors which add a lot of swag. Bajaj offers 17” alloys at front and 15” at the rear with Avenger Street 160. Which are spoked wheels with Avenger Cruise 220. Neev Motorcycles has used the same alloy wheels that Bajaj offers, but switched.

Bajaj Avenger Modified Motorcycle
Bajaj Avenger Modified Motorcycle

Confused? Neev Motorcycles has put the rear 15” wheel at front with a fat and high profile block pattern tyre which looks a lot more muscular than Bajaj could have ever achieved with its stock Avenger. The skinnier 17” alloy which was supposed to be at the front, is now at the rear. Weird choice, but it works beautifully to make Avenger look beefy and attractive, which it does.

Bajaj Avenger 160 Street comes offered with a 160 cc single-cylinder engine that makes 14.79 bhp of power and 13.7 Nm of torque. Avenger Cruise 220 is offered with a 220 cc engine that makes 18.4 bhp of power and 17.55 Nm of torque. Both engines are mated to a 5-speed gearbox.


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