Badshah Talks About His Mental Health Issues and How He Overcame Depression and Anxiety

Badshah, a singer and rapper, opened up about his depression and anxiety struggles, saying that mental peace is a “luxury” for him.

To date, a number of Bollywood celebrities have spoken out about their mental health issues. Celebrities ranging from Deepika Padukone to Arjun Kapoor have discussed how their physical appearance, career highs and lows, and other factors impacted their mental health. Badshah, a singer and rapper known for his Hindi and Punjabi rap songs, recently opened up about his struggles with depression and anxiety, describing mental peace as a “luxury” for him.

Badshah, a singer and rapper, recently spoke out on a talk show about his mental health struggles. The Jugnoo singer admitted to having struggled with clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder. Badshah revealed that his mental health is a top priority in his life. He also revealed that mental peace is a luxury for him due to the pressure he faces on a daily basis as a celebrity.

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Badshah opens up about his mental health issues.

Badshah opened up about his struggles, revealing that he has gone through some of the darkest times in his life. “, he explained “I’ve struggled with clinical depression as well as a severe anxiety disorder. So I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go there (again).” “You have to be selfish in a good way to avoid that,” the DJ Wale Babu rapper added.

The singer went on to say that “living with people who make you happy” is a good way to avoid mental stress and issues. He went on to say that people must learn to say both yes and no, as well as be happy, because “we live under a lot of pressure.” “We have messed up our own lives and then complain that we are mentally unfit. All you have to do is organise your affairs and keep your loved ones close by.”


The singer also discussed his weight loss journey and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Another reason for the singer’s weight loss was sleep apnea. He admitted that his condition was becoming more severe and dangerous over time. He, on the other hand, no longer owns it. Sleep apnea is a common cause of snoring in the uninitiated.

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