Ayush Mehra: When an actor is rejected on their face, he or she becomes immune to rejection

Ayush Mehra, who plays Ayush in the Bollywood film ‘Call Your Agent,’ discusses how he has dealt with numerous rejections throughout his career and how he has become immune to them.

When it comes to YouTube shows and Instagram videos, actor Ayush Mehra is a household name. He’s collaborated with some of YouTube’s biggest names, including TVF, Filter Copy, and others. With his first Netflix show, ‘Call Your Agent Bollywood,’ he recently made a fantastic transition to the big leagues. He has been praised from all sides, but it has not been an easy road for him. Mehra was described in a recent interview as the actor who auditioned for 1000 times.

Ayush Mehra
Ayush Mehra

“Actors face rejection on a regular basis. Not only does rejection happen to actors, but it happens to everyone at some point in their lives, whether it’s from friends, girlfriends, coworkers, and so on. As a result, I believe rejection is fairly common. “An actor becomes immune to it because he or she is rejected right in front of your eyes,” says Mehra.

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Rejections are an inevitable part of any actor’s career. “I’m immune to it (rejection) now because I’ve been working here for the last 5-6 years.” “I don’t take it too personally,” Mehra adds.

Do the casting agents or production people have anything specific to say to him if his audition is likely to be rejected? “(I don’t understand),” says the narrator, “especially when someone says your face has been overexposed.” I have to hear it even though I don’t get it very often. It’s most likely because I didn’t meet those criteria at the time, but there are tens of thousands of other criteria I could meet. So, I don’t think rejection should be taken to heart, and I don’t believe there is such a thing as overexposure because I’ve been seeing my superstars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Akshay Kumar for the past 30 years and still can’t get enough of them. “I believe it all depends on the project and its needs,” Mehra concludes.

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Mehra is set to make his big Bollywood film debut in the near future, with filming wrapping up recently.

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