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Uttar Pradesh will get electrical energy for a month with simply 50 grams…there’s a particular factor on the moon

01 India created historical past by efficiently launching Chandrayaan-3. It additionally grew to become the primary nation to

Karnataka professor’s unique love for Punjabi! Give a reward of Rs 35 for reading the letters written on the board

Ankit Dudani/Chandigarh : Everyone shows love and respect for their mother tongue, but how would you feel when

A young man entered the shop wearing his wife’s big and night dress to steal, CCTV caught him quickly

Kotha Hari Babu/Telangana. Nowadays criminals are adopting new methods to defy the law. A similar incident was seen

The world’s oldest woman is no more, spent every single day of her life suffocated, death took her 129 years

World's 'oldest' woman died: Koku Istanbulova, considered the world's oldest woman, has said goodbye to the world. He

The Dark Hedges: Unique tunnel, where trees are seen embracing each other on a quiet road, 250 years old relationship

You must have heard about tunnels. There are many tunnels in India which fascinate people. Like Atal Tunnel,

The man has been beating his body with a hammer for 17 years, does this work 1000 times a day! The reason is very strange

There are many strange people in the world. There are many who earn name by their skills, there

Married businessman marries 7 girls at once, wants to have 100 children, you will be surprised to know the reason!

A businessman named Habib Ensikonne has married 7 girls in a single day. He has given a new

Woman heard hissing sound from kitchen, first thought gas was leaking, lost consciousness as soon as cylinder was shaken

As soon as a woman heard the sound from her kitchen, she ran there. At first he did

VIDEO: A man started doing ‘Chaiyan Chaiyaan’ in London train, danced like Shahrukh Khan! The British were surprised

Instagram user @zanethad has recently posted a video in which he is performing on Shahrukh Khan's famous song,

Aliens came to earth, 8 to 10 feet tall and with big eyes, strange claim of the family

A family from Las Vegas has created a stir by saying that aliens had come to earth some

The person jumped from a place where it was impossible to escape, people screamed after watching the video!

Although we get to see different types of videos on social media, but there are some videos which

The crocodile had gone to hunt small fish, the eel hit him with such electric current, he died in agony.

Nature has created everything very thoughtfully. Each creature has been sent with various qualities. If some weakness has

This boy performs superb feats underneath water, persons are surprised after seeing him, he’s well-known as Hydroman

You could have seen many individuals swimming underwater, however dancing underwater? Underwater moon stroll and stunt? To do

VIDEO: Youngster danced on Nepali tune at school, different college students began dancing, lecturers additionally loved quite a bit!

At school, when kids need to carry out in entrance of all the scholars, they really feel very

Know some unknown things today on the death anniversary of Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian woman to go to space

Kalpana Chawla, born in Karnal, Haryana, in 1962, moved to America at the age of 20 and earned