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The fate of the planets after the Sun will not be as believed, new discovery of distant planets reveals.

Many theories have been proposed on what will happen to the planets of our solar system after the

You have to find a frog in a pile of leaves in 5 seconds, take up the challenge, many have failed!

Optical Illusion: The specialty of rotating puzzles is that once you sit down to solve them, you do

Unique case of Agra! This couple celebrated their anniversary in the drain, now the people of the neighborhood will also celebrate the party here.

Harikant Sharma/Agra: People of Nagla Kali, Semri, Rajarai celebrated the 17th anniversary of Lord Sharma and his wife

Qutub Minar, Statue of Liberty also dwarf it, know the name of the tallest tree

tallest tree in the world: There are many trees in the world which will surprise you; But there

The artist was living in the house for 20 years, no one had a clue, he made a cave and kitchen garden inside

You must have seen many unique houses in the world which appear ordinary from outside, but contain strange

wife is involved in politics, has put up her hoardings and posts all over the city – News18 Hindi

Harikant Sharma/Agra:A unique case of divorce between a husband and wife has come before the Agra Police. A

The woman opened the bathroom door, saw a terrible thing inside, started screaming out of fear as soon as she saw it

On social media, people not only share their stories, but also sometimes ask for advice or help from

Take an eye test in 4 seconds, an animal is hidden behind the blue stripes, only 5 percent people can recognize it!

After understanding the way the brain works, psychologists create some pictures or patterns in such a way that

Seeing the beauty, you will be 100 percent deceived, you will start thinking that you are a heroine, but this beauty is a real player.

Generally people believe that the most beautiful women are either in the film industry or are models. But

If you have a hobby then it’s like this: From RSS chief to dozens of CMs, he has put his hands on the heads

Murarilal tells about his unique hobby that he learned tying turbans not for money but because of his

70 year old beggar donate 10 lakhs rupees in vajaywada sai temple – News18 Hindi

Report-Rishabh Chaurasia Lucknow. Beggar means destitute. A ragged, dirty man with outstretched hands. But change your perception. It

The person was suffering from toothache, could not consult the doctors, so did this thing, after knowing you will say it is amazing!

If you have a toothache, you feel like insanity. The condition gets worse. Forget about sleeping, a person

This hundreds of years old tree has no roots, it originated from the tooth of this Mahant, know the interesting history

Abhinav Kumar/Darbhanga : Near the Gurudwara built by Darbhanga Maharaj, located about 15 kilometers away from the district