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Love happened on social media, man brought home a two feet tall bride, now facing such problems

It is said that love is blind. When someone falls in love, all his shortcomings disappear. In love,

They brush with cow dung, wash their heads with cow urine, people here kill the cows, if they fall asleep then they guard them with guns!

The world is not small, there are different types of people living here. Something is going on in

3 people are lying on the beach with their eyes closed, 1 has died, sharp minded people will find the dead body in 10 seconds!

Strange things are often posted on social media which baffle people's minds. Nowadays many types of viral puzzles

How does a giraffe drink water, its height is so high, its balance starts getting disturbed due to bending, watch the video…

More than one video of animals keeps going viral on social media, which people like very much. However,

Unique village of Bihar Here dowry has to be paid in the marriage of daughters and not sons – News18 Hindi

Report- Kundan KumarWent. There is a village in Gaya district of Bihar where even today people shy away

Why does our voice change with age? What is the reason for women’s voice becoming thin, know interesting facts

Our voices change with age. It is quite melodious in childhood. Some people also speak hesitantly. But then

You too can become a scientist! NASA is giving you a chance, you just have to do this work

Many people desire to become a scientist. They also want to know and understand about the world of

Had gone to meet a dangerous tribe, killed a person, said shocking thing in the letter written before dying

There are many such dangerous tribes in the world, knowing about which people's hearts tremble. News18 Hindi has

The time traveler made 5 predictions for 2024! The biggest storm will shake the earth, world war will start!

CNN name, logo and all associated elements ® and © 2024 Cable News Network LP, LLLP. A Time

Wanted to find a girlfriend for the boy, friend got hoardings put up on the roadside, like this he spread praises!

You must have heard a song, 'Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota...', but there are some other lines too,

When leopards, crocodiles and hyenas pounced on the same prey, see what happened next?

Only powerful animals move in the forest. When a lion is in front, no one says anything. Everyone

EV vs Petrol Calculator: Making the Smart Financial Choice

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have gained widespread attention due to their reduced environmental impact. In fact, the Indian EV

VIDEO: The dog was sitting comfortably and sleeping, ‘death’ came from behind, what happened next, you will get goosebumps after seeing it!

People living in houses near forests often fear that some wild animal might enter their house. It has