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1500 billion rupees were given away in charity, the poor were at the forefront in distribution, the rich turned out to be stingy, know where the matter lies

You will find many donors in the world. Someone donated his entire wealth to charitable works, while someone

Is there anything in the world whose smell scares snakes? You also know, it will be useful…

05 Apart from this, there are also mint, cloves, basil, cinnamon, vinegar, lemon and most importantly ammonia gas.

pithampur-on-the-day-of-rang-panchami-the-procession-takes-place-in-a-huge – News18 Hindi

Report-Lakheshwar YadavJanjgir-Champa, There is a tradition of Rangpanchami in Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh. Colors are played on the fifth day

AI technology will reveal what you think about the vaccine, its future uses will surprise you!

Artificial Intelligence has great potential for use in public health. Looking at these, seeing a new invention may

Aurangzeb had cleaned the stairs of this temple with his beard, even today the emperor’s procession is taken out here. – News18 Hindi

Nisha Rathore/Udaipur: There are different special traditions regarding Holi across the country, but on Holi, the king rubs

These spiders have excellent copying skills, they look like this creature

There is a species of spider in the world which has amazing ability to imitate. These spiders make

This tool is like ChatGPT, it predicts not only the events of life but also death, can create chaos.

Danish researchers have created an algorithm with the help of artificial intelligence and data from millions of people

This cow sold for 40 crores, has deep connection with India, you will be stunned to know its qualities

If someone asks you how much will the most expensive cow cost? So maybe you will say 5

Why is the lioness a more dangerous hunter than the lion? Question asked, let’s know the correct answer

Lions are the most dangerous predators of the forest. If they catch someone, it is not only difficult

amazing saree made of Japanese pearls its price is as much as a Mahindra Thar weird news – News18 Hindi

Anjali Singh Rajput/Lucknow: Everything about the City of Nawabs is unique. Even today, it would not be wrong

OMG: Here companies will make diapers not for children but for the elderly, made a strange announcement, you will be surprised to know the reason

Japan is facing a unique problem. Here the elderly now need diapers more than the children. Because the