At the age of 59, Anita Raj beats everyone in fitness, know what the actress is involved in eating

Celebrity Exercise Tips: Anita herself has told that at this age, along with weight training, other forms of strength training have become an essential part of her fitness routine.

At the age of 59, if your body has become shapeless and keeps herself fiercely fit. Anita Raj does regular workouts. To stay fit, the actress keeps trying different types of exercises. In addition to heavy weight training in the workout routine, she does exercises like Crossfit and Punching.

Anita Raj beats everyone in fitness
Anita Raj beats everyone in fitness

Anita does cardio three days a week and does a combination of weight training, strength training and HIIT on other days.

For a healthy mind, the actress starts her day by chanting at 5:30 in the morning and working out in the gym.

Even today, the beautiful actress who looks fit with slim trim and well maintained body does not rely on any diet. His diet includes roti made from millet or jowar, which is rich in nutrients

The actress often consumes white eggs and nuts in the evening; interestingly, she herself never eats boiled vegetables.

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