As the number of Omicron cases rises, Japan tightens its restrictions

COVID-19 restrictions were recently expanded to include the capital of Tokyo, as well as several other areas, as the Omicron variant of coronavirus continued to register record numbers.

According to reports, strict restrictions are already in place in three regions, with the most recent restrictions taking effect on Friday and lasting until February 13. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made the announcement after an expert panel briefed him on the latest situation in the country earlier in the day.

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He went on to say that they are already fighting an unknown virus and that they believe they will be able to overcome the situation with enough preparation and without fear.

According to reports, a quasi-emergency allows governors to limit business activities and mobility by limiting the hours that restaurants and bars are open.

Japan tightens its
Japan tightens its

According to reports, Japan added more than 32000 new cases on Tuesday, surpassing an August high set shortly after the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

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Because Omicron is more infectious than previous variants, public health officials are concerned that a surge of cases could overwhelm the healthcare system.

During the pandemic, Japan declared four states of emergency, and according to reports, about 80% of its 126 million people were vaccinated.

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