Applications, Characteristics & the Build: here is what makes industrial diesel engines highly effective

Industrial diesel engines cater to a wide variety of applications across different sectors. Construction, mining or manufacturing industry; these engines power a wide variety of equipment. Power generators and even cleaning equipment can also be powered with these diesel engines. This article summarizes some of the most important industrial applications.

Mini Excavators

Mini Excavators are small yet mighty machines. Used mostly on construction sites, this machine is suitable for small-scale demolition, moving small loads and skilled operations such as digging the trenches. Mini-excavators may be smaller in size, however, they are extremely efficient on construction sites. Mini excavators are powered by industrial diesel engines.

Light Towers

Light towers are used for remote sites or locations which are usually off-grid or lack electricity connection. This is usually the case with remote construction sites or mining sites.

Light towers act as a light source at such places & light towers are powered with diesel engines. These heavy-duty engines are built to function for long durations. Thus, these engines can ensure an uninterrupted light supply for long hours.

Power Generators

Most manufacturing facilities are equipped with power backup generators. In the case of power cuts, these backup power generators power the facilities ensuring uninterrupted production.

Not just manufacturing facilities, but food processing units such as dairy units, refrigeration plants require power generators to prevent the loss of perishable products. These high-capacity power generators run on industrial diesel engines.

Water Jetting Machines

These machines are used for industrial cleaning purposes. Water or cleaning solutions are sprayed with the help of pressure, resulting in effective cleaning operations. Industrial setups require periodical cleaning of machinery, ducts, nets, etc.

Water jetting machines make this entire cleaning operation very easy. MVDE diesel engines are used by Whale Enterprises in their water jetting machines that are supplied to corporations for the purpose of clearing sewage blockages.

These high power water jetting machines are powered by commercial diesel engines.  This also makes these jetting machines highly portable and thus, a machine can be commissioned for an entire plant.

Road Sweeping Machines

These machines are used to clean roads, large premises of factories, outdoor open areas etc. These machines bring speed and efficiency in cleanliness drives. These machines are also powered by diesel engines.

What makes diesel engines more suitable for these industrial applications?

Here are a few parameters that make diesel engines highly effective for these industrial applications:


Diesel engines have the highest thermal efficiency of any internal combustion engine. Higher efficiency also means the ability to achieve more work. As far as industrial applications are considered, higher efficiency can help in bringing down the overall cost of operations.


Diesel engines can generate higher torque. Higher torque means high power output. Applications in construction, water jetting etc. require higher power output. An industrial diesel engine can seamlessly deliver high power output as needed.


Diesel engines are highly portable. Power generator vans and light towers are effective when it comes to powering remote construction/ mining sites. Diesel as fuel is very convenient to carry and ensure an uninterrupted power supply.


Diesel engines are tough & operationally stable. It means these engines can operate for long working hours and reliably function, delivering the expected power output.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VST Diesel Engines – Building engines for the nation

L & SL series commercial diesel engines by MVDE have proven their effectiveness for a wide variety of applications across different sectors. Right from agriculture, power generation, construction, marine applications- these engines are a top choice of industry majors.

L Series Engines

These are lightweight compact diesel engines. MVL2E & MVL3E are the two L series diesel engines. The compact size of these engines is an advantage and makes them highly suitable for applications such as tractors, litter picker machines, boom sprayers, fishing boats, pump applications etc.  While the regular variants of these engines deliver 13 & 21 HP power output respectively, the marine variants deliver 16 & 26 HP output.

SL Series Engines

This series consists of heavy-duty engines. A Mitsubishi diesel engine – MVS3L2 (30 HP) and MVS4L2 (40 HP). SL series engines are known for their ability to deliver higher power output for heavy-duty applications such as construction applications, tractors, power generators, water jetting machines etc.

All these engines discussed so far are naturally aspirated engines. MVS4L2-T is a 50 HP Mitsubishi diesel engine with a Turbocharged mechanism. 

I hope this blog helped you understand the different industrial applications of diesel engines. The growth in telecommunications, real estate, industrial and has fueled the demand for diesel engines. Especially in a country like India which is observing rapid developments, diesel engines are still going to play a crucial role. What are your thoughts? Do feel free to join me in the comment section & share your thoughts.

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