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New Delhi: The measuring of blood sugar level is a very prickly and time-taking process as of now with the need to prick a needle to get the blood and to check the glucose level in the laboratory. The problem becomes accentuated when the large proportion of the world’s population is grappling with issues like high blood sugar, diabetes, more.

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Tech giant Apple is working on a revolutionary technology that will allow its watch to monitor the glucose via a noninvasive method. Terming it ‘Blood glucose monitoring technology, it will help the wearer to monitor the diabetes and blood glucose level without needing to prick the skin as of now.

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Apple is working to develop a silicon photonics chip that uses optical absorption spectroscopy to shine light from a laser under the skin to determine the concentration of glucose in the body. However, it is now ‘Proof-of-Concept’, but requires a lot of work to become a possible reality and to be bit on a wearer’s hand.

According to the media reports, the tech giant is spending millions of dollars for the development of the technology and to make it a reality.

Apple Watch Multiple Uses

Smartwatches have become an important device in today’s life due to their multiple uses including monitoring heart beat, pulses, blood oxygen level, and more.

Apple Watch checks for unusually high or low heart rates in the background, which could be signs of a serious underlying condition. This could help you and your patients identify situations that may warrant further evaluation.

If a patient’s heart rate is above 120 bpm or below 40 bpm while they appear to have been inactive for 10 minutes, the user will receive a notification. Patients can adjust the threshold bpm or turn these notifications on or off. All heart rate notifications — along with date, time and heart rate — can be viewed in the Health app on iPhone.

The irregular rhythm notification occasionally checks for signs of irregular rhythms that may be suggestive of atrial fibrillation (AFib). This feature won’t detect all instances of AFib but may catch something that can provide your patients with an early indication that further evaluation may be warranted.

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