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New Delhi: Apple has released the iOS 16.6 update that comes with over a dozen significant security improvements, two of which are currently being exploited by hackers. The tech giant has shared details of over a dozen security flaws on its support page, ranging from categories including kernel, Find My, WebKit, and Apple Neural Engine.

According to Apple, two of the vulnerabilities were most likely actively exploited. (Also Read: Groundbreaking Business Idea: Invest Rs 2 Lakh, Earn Rs 75K To Rs 1 Lakh Returns)

The exploited WebKit issue was first patched with Rapid Security Response iOS 16.5.1 (c). And the kernel flaw, which was most likely aggressively exploited, was probably fixed first with iOS 15.7.1. (Also Read: ‘Sweetheart…’: Man Asks ChaGPT To Write Apology Letter For Wife, Check What Happened NEXT)

However, Apple claims that iOS 16.6 addresses these vulnerabilities as well.

To manually install iOS 16.6, tap on Settings then General > Software Update. Then, tap Download and Install to kick off the update and keep your iPhone safe.

Meanwhile, Apple has released the iOS 17 public beta, which includes a new StandBy mode, personal voice feature and more. influencer Marques Brownlee revealed the personal voice feature on Twitter.

According to Brownlee, the feature is available under Accessibility> Speech> Personal Voice. With this feature, iPhone can create a voice that sounds like the user in just 15 minutes. TechCrunch reported that the iOS 17 public beta includes improvements to Messages, new StandBy mode, and improvements to Maps, widgets and dictation.

Similar to Mail, users can now filter the search using different criteria in Messages.

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