Apple Watch will now record irregular heartbeats for the first time in India

The AFib History feature of Apple Watch has now been rolled out in India. This feature was added by Apple last year with WatchOS 9, which has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. After getting approval, this feature was first added to Apple Watch users in America. Now this feature has been rolled out for Indian users as well. Soon, Apple Watch users will start getting the update for this feature. Through the AFib feature, uncontrolled heartbeats of the users can be monitored.

This is called Atrial Fibrillation i.e. uncontrolled heartbeat, due to which there is a risk of heart attack. It is based on factors like exercising more, sleeping, eating and medicate treatment. Heart matrix can be tracked through this feature. Also, through this, doctors will be able to know the history of the heart condition of the users. This feature will work on Apple Watch Series 4 and later Apple Watch.
How to download?

Apple Watch users with Apple Watch Series 4 or later will be able to download it through their iPhone app. It should be noted that the users’ iPhone should have iOS 16 or above version installed. To download it, users will have to go to the Watch app on their iPhone and download the latest software version.

According to the Apple App Store support page, the AFib History feature is intended for users 22 years of age or older to diagnose heart conditions. If any user feels pain or discomfort in the heart, they should immediately consult a doctor. This feature only records the history of fluctuations in the user’s heartbeat.

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