An overview of the benefits of including your child in a family health insurance policy


Having family health insurance is like having a safety net, providing peace of mind that if any unexpected medical expenses arise, you have a financial cushion to cover them.

We all know how crucial children’s mental, physical, and emotional development is for them to achieve health and wellness in their early years. This is so they can reach their full potential as adults. Without access to adequate and timely healthcare, children are infected with diseases that are otherwise curable. When that happens, it affects their lives and their family members’ lives for a long time. Parents should ensure that their children are covered under the family health insurance plan.

The term family health insurance refers to health insurance plans that insure the whole family. Each member of your family is covered for one price, unlike individual plans. It means that you don’t have to pay for each person separately.

A family health insurance plan covering your children may offer the following benefits:

  1. An all-inclusive policy:

There’s good coverage starting at an early age. There’s coverage for hospitalisations, doctor consultations, daycare services, treatment of injuries, medicine, etc. There are some family health insurance plans that cover things like annual health checkups, ambulance coverage, and add-ons. The lifestyles of kids are constantly changing, so these are highly beneficial. Health problems can be prevented by getting physical checkups at a given interval.

  1. Affordability:

It’s no longer a choice but a necessity to buy health insurance for your kids. Covering your family is more affordable with a family health insurance plan. You pay one amount for one policy and secure everyone under it instead of paying premiums for separate policies.

  1. Commitment to zero compromises in treatment:

As a parent, you want the utmost care for your child. You are concerned that it will be very expensive at this time when healthcare costs are rising rapidly. Having a family health insurance plan offers you some relief since you will not have to worry about compromising your child’s health due to the high costs linked to medical expenses.

  1. A cashless hospital system:

Parents should not have to run around looking for good doctors and hospitals when their children are sick or injured. The most significant benefit of family health insurance is that it allows you to access top doctors at hospitals that are part of the network without any hassle. If your child needs hospitalisation, you will not have to pay for his or her stay out of pocket.

  1. The pre-and post-hospitalisation period:

The costs connected with pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses, such as medication and investigative tests, are often tough on the family’s finances. A good family health insurance plan can help parents by covering these costs for them as well.

  1. Avail of additional benefits:

Family health insurance plans come with lots of extras, like critical illness insurance, maternity insurance, etc. Before you buy a health insurance plan for your family, read the policy terms carefully. This will enable you to know about any waiting periods applicable to any add-on coverage before buying the most suitable family health insurance.

  1. Easy way to provide coverage for newly added family members:

A family health insurance plan lets you add a new member for an extra premium. You do not need to take out a new policy every time you add a family member to your existing one, as opposed to an individual cover. Be sure to increase your sum insured if you are adding your parents to your existing family health insurance plan.

  1. Tax benefits on the premiums paid for health insurance:

A tax exemption is given by Section 80D of the Income Tax Act for the premiums paid for health insurance as well as other medical expenses. A tax benefit is available to you if you are the one paying the premiums for health insurance coverage for your family and your parents.


Costs have skyrocketed in the healthcare industry. It is also clear that health emergencies can happen at any time in the current day and age. Health insurance is important for this reason. It protects your parents and your kids, and it gives you and your spouse the right financial cushion when things get tough.

You’ll find that a family health insurance plan in India is incredibly cost-effective and easy to manage. Taking away your worries, giving every family member the best of benefits, and giving you peace of mind to live life to the fullest Family health insurance is a must, so make sure you avail of the most suitable one.

Disclaimer: This article is for illustrative purposes only. For further details, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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