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American Horror Stories Episode 3 Reddit, Spoiler, Release Date, Cast, Crew And Story


American Horror Stories Episode 3 Reddit, Spoiler, Release Date, Cast, Crew And Story

“American Horror Stories” is one of the most-watched anthology horror TV series worldwide and was originally created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. It is an anthology series which means that each episode will offer viewers a different kind of plot and style. The first episode of the series aired on the original Hulu network on July 15, 2021.

Meanwhile the latest episode, which is Episode 3 titled, “Drive-In” aired on 22nd July 2021, which received immense appreciation from the fans as well. from critics. Well, those who haven’t watched the recent episode of AHS need not worry as we are going to share with you the written update on the same.


Episodes of “American Horror Stories” air every week and each episode features a different type of horror story. The genre of these episodes mostly revolves around horror, drama, supernatural horror and anthologies, meanwhile, the running time of each episode is 40 to 48 minutes. In addition, the series is produced by Lou Eyrich, Reilly Smith, Susan, Erin, Todd Kubrak and Nanninger under the production banners of Brad Falchuk Television, Ryan Murphy Television and 20th Television. Principal cinematography is Shasta Spahn and edited by Peggy Tchadijian and Lucien Shammian.

american horror stories episode 3 plot and cast

Episode 3 titled, “Drive-In” was released on July 22, 2021, i.e. Thursday and was directed by Eduardo Sánchez and written by Manny Cotto. In this episode, Kelly (played by Madison Bailey) and her boyfriend, Chad (played by Renzi Feliz) go to a drive-in screening of a forbidden movie called “Rabbit Rabbit”. The so-called film is said to have caused audiences on day one to slaughter each other, prompting Tipper Gore to stop additional screenings.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Kelly assures her boyfriend that she is all set to lose her virginity to him and thus, even before the start of the film, they both start making out. Unable to watch the film through the fogged-up windows, the two are oblivious to the intense crowd exploding madly. Everyone starts attacking and killing each other. A man attacks their car, however, they immediately flee to the projection room which is managed by the drive-in manager, Verna (played by Andreen Barbeau), and destroys the copy of the film.

Later, they both go to Forbidden Film director Larry Bitterman (played by John Carroll Lynch) and forcibly take away the remaining copies of the film along with the original before setting his trailer on fire and leaving him for dead. . Next, they celebrate their existence at home, hovering over the fact that the forbidden movie, “Rabbit Rabbit,” has already been released on Netflix and, in the end, watch the neighbors fall into a panic. can go.

american horror stories episode 4 release date

The upcoming episode is titled “The Naughty List” directed by Max Winkler and written by Manny Cotto. In this episode, we will see how a group of influencers face charges after they uploaded an erratic video online. Nico Greetham, Charles Melton, Draylon Burnside, Danny Trejo and Kevin Mac Hale will star in lead roles, meanwhile, “American Horror Stories Episode 4” is all set to release on July 29, 2021. Stay with us


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