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Amazon Prime Subscription price increases upto 50% – Know about new tariffs


Along with films, today the trend of OTT platforms has also increased a lot. You probably know that a subscription fee has to be paid to use platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Recently, Amazon has issued information that the subscription fee of their OTT platform, Amazon Prime Video, is being increased. Let us know about this matter in detail..

Amazon Prime Subscription price increases upto 50%

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Now Amazon Prime is also going to give a big blow to its customers. If you are a subscriber of Amazon Prime or are planning to take membership then there is a big news for you. Actually, the price of Amazon Prime subscription is going to increase in India from December 14, 2021. The company gave this information on its FAQ page. The company said- “Currently, you can join Prime and lock the old price as part of a limited period offer. We recommend that you renew or buy Prime as soon as possible before the offer expires on December 13, 2021 at 11:59 PM. Huge hike in Amazon Prime subscription, see new prices According to the information given by the company, the new price of Prime membership will be as follows: The offer price of the monthly plan is ₹ 129 and it will increase to ₹ 179 after the offer period ends on December 13. Similarly, the offer price of the quarterly plan will increase from ₹329 to ₹459 while the annual offer price of ₹999 will go up to ₹1499. You can also check the prices by visiting When your free trial or membership period expires, Amazon will automatically renew your membership by charging your card provided at the time of sign up. Also, if you are joining Prime during the limited period offer, you need to know that the price charged for the initial subscription period will be the offer price. However, the new price will apply for your first renewal after the first subscription period.

What is the new price of Amazon Prime plans

Information about its new subscription fee has been given on the support page of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has three main subscription plans, the first plan is for thirty days i.e. one month, one plan is for three months and one year plan. The 30-day plan has been priced at Rs 179, Rs 459 if you opt for the three-month subscription plan, and Rs 1,599 if you opt for Amazon Prime’s top, year-long plan. Will be

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