Amazon has withdrawn from the Race for IPL Media Rights for the 2023-27 Season

Disney Star, Sony, Viacom-Reliance, Zee, Fun Asia, Super Sport, and Times Internet are the final seven bidders.

Amazon has withdrawn from the battle to control the IPL’s broadcasting rights for the next five years. ESPNcricinfo has heard that the global e-commerce behemoth is not among the final seven bidders in the e-auction set to take place on Sunday to determine who will broadcast one of cricket’s most profitable tournaments.

Amazon has been a major player in securing lucrative streaming rights for a variety of sports around the world, and it was expected to make a strong bid for the IPL’s digital rights packages. In 2021, the firm agreed to a ten-year, billion-dollar deal to broadcast only 15 Thursday night games in the National Football League in the United States. Their departure will be a setback for the IPL.

It has been discovered that Amazon’s top brass in the US decided not to pursue the media rights, and that the decision was communicated to the IPL on Friday, the deadline for bidders to submit their papers.

With Disney-Star, Sony, Viacom-Reliance, Zee, Fun Asia, Super Sport, and Times Internet still in the race, the number of bids is exactly half of the previous auction, which saw 14 companies compete for the IPL broadcast rights from 2018 to 2022. Star India outbid everyone in the global consolidated category (TV and digital for India and the rest of the world) with a record bid of $2.55 billion, making it the largest media rights deal in cricket history.

The IPL, on the other hand, has separated the TV and digital rights into separate packages this season. The Indian subcontinent’s television rights are included in Package A. Package B is for the Indian subcontinent’s digital rights.

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Package C includes digital rights to a unique set of matches for the Indian subcontinent, including the playoffs. Package D, which includes TV and digital rights for the rest of the world, is separated into two categories: combined ROW or five distinct areas.

On Sunday, at 11 a.m. IST, the auction will begin with the simultaneous sale of Packages A and B. Packages C and D will only be available for bidding once the winners have been determined. There’s also a good likelihood the auction will extend into a second day, considering the half-hour delay between each offer.

Every bidder can compete in multiple categories, but they must disclose their prices per match. The base fee per match for Package A is INR 49 crore (USD 6.3 million approx.). Package B costs INR 33 crore (USD 4.2 million approx.). Package C costs INR 16 crore (USD 2.05 million approx.). Package D costs INR 3 crore (USD 390,000 approx.).

However, there has been one adjustment to the e-auction by the IPL. By giving 5% more than the top bid, the winner of Package A can compete with the winner of Package B in a contest.

And, while this battle was supposed to have bid increments of at least 5%, it has now devolved into a straight fight. There are no minimum bid increments in this auction. To identify the winners of Packages C and D, the same procedure would be used.

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