Ali Akbar, A Film Director from Kerala, is Converting to Hinduism

Ali Akbar, a filmmaker, has announced that he and his wife Lucyamma will convert to Hinduism and cease to be Muslims. Following the alleged incidents of several Muslims putting smiley emoticons below posts and comments on social media related to the death of Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat in a helicopter crash, Akbar said he decided to renounce his Islamic faith.

Even top Islamic leaders, according to Akbar, have not spoken out against the actions of ‘anti-nationals’ who dishonoured a brave military officer, which he could not accept. He stated that he no longer believes in the religion, and he made a video about it on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

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“Today, I’m discarding an outfit I was given at birth.” I am no longer a Muslim as of today. I was born in India. “That is my response to the thousands of people who have posted smiling emoticons against India,” Akbar said in the video.

Muslim users on Facebook reacted angrily to the post, with some even using abusive language. In response to some of the comments, Akbar was also seen using abusive language. Meanwhile, a number of user comments backed Akbar and chastised those who abused him.

Though the post has since ‘disappeared’ from Facebook, it is still widely shared on Whatsapp. Later, Akbar made another post, saying, “The nation should identify and punish those who smile at the death of the CDS.” Hundreds of supportive and abusive comments were left on this post as well.

Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar

Speaking to TOI, Akbar said that several anti-national activities take place on social media, with the latest example being smiling at Rawat’s death. “Muslims made up the majority of those who posted smiling emoticons in response to the news of Rawat’s death. They did so because Rawat had taken a number of actions in Kashmir against Pakistan and militants. Despite seeing these public posts insulting a brave officer and the country, none of the top Muslim leaders responded. He stated, “I cannot be a part of such a religion.”

He stated that, while he and his wife will convert to Hinduism and undergo the necessary procedures to update their religious information in their official records, he will not force his two daughters to convert. “It’s their decision, and I’ll let them make it.”

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Ali Akbar, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s state committee, resigned in October after a disagreement with the party’s leadership.

Akbar made the shocking revelation that he was sexually abused by a ‘Usthad’ during his time in a madrasa earlier in 2015. Akbar is currently working on a film about Kerala’s Malabar rebellion.

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