After years, ‘Ishq Vishk’ fans couldn’t recognize Shenaz in her latest photo and asked “Is this QT?”

Shahnaz Treasurywala, the adorable actress from “Ishq Vishk,” has undergone a significant transformation. Some of his most recent images have gone viral, leaving viewers shocked and unable to believe what they’re witnessing.

You must remember the adorable actress Shahnaz Treasurywala from the movie “Ishq Vishk,” in which she made her Bollywood debut alongside Amrita Rao. Yes, Shahnaz Treasurywala captured audiences’ hearts with her innocence when she first appeared in this movie.

In the movie, she and Shahid Kapoor had great chemistry. However, the actress did not appear in many movies after this. On social media, Shahnaz Treasurywala is known to be quite active. People are shocked to view her most recent shot in this series and are unable to identify this adorable actress from it.

Shahnaz Treasurywala’s most recent image has surfaced, showing him having fun on holiday in Ladakh. Shahnaz can be seen having a great time both inside and outside the hotel in these photos.

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You can perceive Shahnaz’s joy in these pictures. Although some people find it hard to believe that Shehnaaz Treasurywala, who starred in “Ishq Vishk” years ago, still has such a charming appearance. In the meantime, some individuals are refusing to acknowledge Shahnaz because they are shocked to see the changes in her after all these years.

Shahnaz Treasurywala, an actress from Ishq Vishk, was born on June 29, 1981, in Mumbai. Shahnaz is of Parsi descent. Shahnaz studied method acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute after completing her education in New York. Additionally, Shahnaz Treasurywala was MTV’s most well-liked radio personality.

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