After three marriages, the fourth woman fell in love and was murdered by the third wife

A woman has been arrested in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, for brutally killing her own husband. The woman threw a stone at her husband, who died instantly. The woman fled after committing the crime, leaving her husband’s body behind. The accused woman is the deceased’s third wife. According to reports, the woman committed the crime after becoming frustrated with her husband’s love affair.

Raipur. The thread of beliefs binds the husband and wife’s relationship. Families are shattered or someone is forced to commit a criminal act if the thread of trust breaks. A woman ruined her own honeymoon in Raipur, the state capital of Chhattisgarh, near the Urla police station. Due to the fact that the husband was a lover. Even after three marriages, the fourth was still having feelings for her. The third wife tried to persuade him to stop, but he insisted on continuing his antics. The third wife brutally murdered her husband after he refused to listen to her.

murdered by the third wife
murdered by the third wife

The Urla police station received information that Umesh Kumar Dhurve, a tenant living in the house of Kishun Sahu near Sarora Basti Ekta Chowk, was found dead in suspicious circumstances in the house. During the course of the investigation, the police discovered injury marks on the deceased’s body. Members of the police team interrogated the landlord and those in the area. Police discovered that the deceased Umesh Kumar Dhurve’s father Chain Singh Dhurve, age 30 years, lived in a rented house with his wife Ingleswari Dhurve in Bilaikhar police station, Bajak district, Dandori (Madhya Pradesh). There was always a disagreement between the two about something.

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During interrogation, the wife revealed secrets

The police team interrogated the deceased’s wife, Ingleshwari Dhruv. According to Ingleswari, her husband Umesh Kumar had an affair with another woman. Both of them used to talk on their cellphones. Engleswari Dhurve forbade her husband Umesh Kumar from speaking to her, resulting in a squabble between the two. The deceased and his wife had a disagreement about the same thing on the night of April 17th. Meanwhile, Angleswari Dhurve, enraged, attacked her husband with a stone seal on the night of 17-18. Umesh died instantly as a result of this.

The wife of the accused has been arrested

The police have filed a criminal complaint against the deceased’s wife, Ingleswari Dhurve, at the police station Urla, 160/22, Section 302 Bhadvi. Ingleswari Dhurve, the woman accused, was then arrested. The deceased had previously married two people, according to the police. He married Ingeshwari as his third wife. Meanwhile, the accused Ingleswari claims that her husband was having an affair with someone else. On this basis, he was assassinated.

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