After the lover-girlfriend was caught secretly meeting in the night, the panchayat pronounced this decree

Panchayat’s Decision: The lovers saw the couple together by the villagers on Monday night. The village then convened a Panchayat to discuss the situation, and the decision was made to marry them both. However, just before the wedding, the young man’s father has dispatched his son to Bangalore. Angry, the girlfriend filed a fraud complaint against the lover with the Ghoghardiha police station, pleading for justice.

Madhubani. A panchayat was established in the village after the young man and the girl’s love affair was revealed. It was decided that the lovers would marry each other. In this regard, the Panchayat has issued an order. The lover’s father, however, defied the panchayat’s order and sent his son to Bangalore just before the wedding. The enraged girlfriend, accompanied by the villagers, arrived at the police station as a result of the lover’s father’s decision. This case of romantic deception is from the Madhubani district.


This case involves a village in Madhubani’s Ghoghardiha police station area. Here, the lover young man, suddenly forgetting his childhood love, went to Bangalore, hundreds of kilometres away from the village. Angry, the girlfriend filed a fraud complaint against the lover with the Ghoghardiha police station, pleading for justice.

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Love and affection, it is said, do not hide. A similar thing happened to this couple as well. Villagers saw this loving couple together on Monday night, according to information received. Following the revelation of the young man’s love affair with a girl from the same village, the villagers began to discuss the situation. A panchayat was eventually convened in the village, and the decision was made to marry both of them. Both the boy and the girl are adults, but the beloved young man vanished from the village just before the wedding, leaving behind his childhood love. According to reports, the young man’s father has sent his son to Bangalore.

Despite the panchayat’s orders, where the villagers are furious over the young man’s sudden disappearance without warning, the angry girlfriend filed a complaint against the lover youth at the Ghoghardiha police station and pleaded for justice after being duped in love.

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