Adani Wilmar Reduces the Price of its Edible Oil by Rs 10 so That its Customers can Save Money

Adani Wilmar, the largest edible oil operator, has dropped edible oil prices by Rs 10 to pass on the benefit to its customers, as part of the government’s attempts to lower edible oil prices by lowering import levies.

Fortune refined Sunflower oil’s 1-litre pack’s MRP has been decreased from Rs 220 to Rs 210 by Adani Wilmar NSE -2.76%, and Fortune Soyabean and Fortune Kachi Ghani (mustard oil) oil’s 1-litre pack’s MRP has been reduced from Rs 205 to Rs 195 by Adani Wilmar NSE -2.76%. Stocks with revised prices will be available on the market soon.

The sharp drop in oil prices follows the central government’s decision to lower import levies on edible oils, making them more affordable.

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“We are passing on the cost savings to our clients, who can now anticipate the purest edible oils prepared to the greatest safety and quality standards at a price that is affordable.” Angshu Mallick, MD & CEO of Adani Wilmar, stated, “We are hopeful that the decreased prices would also enhance demand.”

It should be highlighted that edible oil prices increased both internationally and domestically in 2021-22 as a result of decreasing oilseed yield and higher manufacturing and logistics costs. However, a cut in the import levy on crude and refined edible oils has helped to keep prices down.

Adani Wilmar is one of the country’s fastest-growing FMCG companies. Rice, atta, sugar, besan, ready-to-cook khichdi, soya chunks, and other items are available, in addition to a variety of edible oils.

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