“Adani Group has Potential”: Israel’s Ambassador to India Backs Adani Takeover of Haifa Port | Companies News

New Delhi: Israel Ambassador to India Naor Gilon on Wednesday said his country’s handing over of the strategic port of Haifa to the Adani Group is a reflection of the trust that it has in India. “It was a very important move from our point of view because Haifa Port is our strategic asset. Adani Group has the potential to make the Haifa Port the port it needs to be and to increase trade between Israel and India,” Gilon said.

The Envoy also revealed that the Adani Group was looking to invest in more projects in Israel, adding that he hopes for success in the conglomerate’s ventures in his country. Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, Gilon said, “The fact that we are giving to an Indian company, I think from our point of view, it is a symbolic or sign of deep trust of handing the strategic asset in an Indian group.” (Also Read: Viral Video: Man Pays Bill of Rs 800 with Coins at Taj Hotel: WATCH)

He also said, “Adani Group is looking for more projects in Israel.” “We have about 80 joint ventures with Indian companies, including TATA, Kalyani, BHEL… ports are the core business of Adani Group. I see ports working very well. Adani Group is looking for more projects in Israel & I hope they succeed,” he added. (Also Read: SBI vs PNB vs HDFC vs BoB: Latest Home Loan Interest Rate Compared)

On the matter of Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Gilon said both India and Israel are keen on finalising the proposed free trade pact as it could further boost overall bilateral trade ties. The Israeli ambassador also endorsed that India is on course to becoming a global superpower from a regional superpower.

“We want our friends to remain close to us. We feel very comfortable with India. As I said before, Indian-controlled ports in Israel are something that we’re welcoming,” he added. The Adani Group acquired the strategic Israeli port of Haifa for USD 1.2 billion and vowed to transform the skyline of this Mediterranean city, as part of its decision to invest more in the Jewish nation, including opening an artificial intelligence lab in Tel Aviv.

Speaking on the lines of Centres of Excellence, he said, “We have completed 30 years of full diplomatic relations and recently just inaugurated the Centre of Excellence in agriculture.” “We have in the pipeline 10 CoEs more and we have more in the pipeline. There is one in Karnal in Haryana.

These CoEs are doing a wonderful job in outreaching farmers by giving them technologies which can be adapted to their capacity,” the envoy said, adding, “These lower-end technologies are lower in cost.”He said what is unique about this new CoE in Haryana, which is the fifth in the state, is that it was 90 percent made in India.

“Everything is done here in India. Technology is now here: Manufactured here and done here,” he added. 

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