Actress Roopa Dutta arrested for pickpocketing

Roopa Dutta, a Bengali actress, has been arrested on charges of pocketing. Roopa Dutta is the same actress who made serious allegations of sending obscene messages to Anurag Kashyap a few years ago, according to the police.

Roopa Dutta, a well-known Bengali actress, is making headlines once more. Roopa Dutta will not be appearing in any new serials or films, but she has been arrested on charges of pocketing. This news has come as a shock to Roopa Dutta’s fans and others. The incident, according to the information, is connected to the Kolkata International Book Fair. He was arrested on suspicion of pickpocketing there.

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Roopa Dutta
Roopa Dutta

According to reports, police officers from the Uttar Vidhan Nagar police station saw a woman (actress) throw a bag in a dustbin on Saturday, March 12. Following that, the police suspected him, and after an investigation, he received a large sum of money. When the police searched the woman’s bag, they discovered several other money bags and about Rs 75,000.

When the actress was questioned by the police after receiving a large sum of money and several money bags, she was unable to provide a satisfactory response. According to reports, he confessed to pickpocketing in front of the cops. She also admitted to stealing money bags and purses by going to crowded places and events. She was also able to attend the International Book Fair in Kolkata as a result of this.

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