Abhijeet Bichukale tells Rakhi Sawant that she should target Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Abhijeet Bichukale and Rakhi Sawant were seen discussing the game plan in the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 15. He tells her that she can now use Devoleena in the game.

“She was using me, everybody saw that,” he says during the conversation. He was evicted because she was using jiju (Ritesh). She was also taking advantage of you by giving you pappi and other things. Now I’m going to put her to work.”

When Rakhi inquires about how Abhijeet intends to target her, Abhijeet responds that he has already planned everything. Devoleena is only involved with Pratik now, according to Rakhi, who refers to her as’sanki.’ She inquires as to his feelings for Devoleena. “Why are you after me?” Abhijeet asks, laughing. Someone please come to my aid and save me from her. I’m not going to say anything.

“Devoleena can live without anything except Pratik,” Rakhi says. He’s always needed by her.” “I don’t care,” Abhijeet says. I’m only interested in the trophy. I’ll keep the trophy and she can live with Pratik.”

Devoleena sits with Pratik later in the episode and expresses her feelings for him. She expresses her admiration for him and her attraction to him. Pratik’s enthusiasm for the game was praised by Devoleena. She explained how her initial statement about liking him was misinterpreted. She goes on to say that she grew to like him over time. “I was drawn to you and felt a strong bond with you.”

During the task, Abhijeet attempts to approach Devoleena to discuss the game strategy. Devoleena, on the other hand, completely dismisses him, claiming that there are others on the team with whom he should speak.

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