A new record for BTS’ V – breaking Blackpink’s Lisa’s

Taehyung aka V, a member of BTS, has released a new song that will make ARMY very happy. Continue reading to learn more.


When it comes to some of the BTS members, the sky is the limit. They continue to achieve new heights and set new records. Taehyung aka V, a member of BTS, has now set a new record. He has reportedly become the fastest Asian act to reach 30 million Instagram followers in just 27 days. He has surpassed Lisa of Blackpink’s previous record. In 1 year, 8 months, and 22 days, she had accomplished her goal. It only goes to show how well-known V is. On social media, he is also one of the most popular Korean male celebrities. As you may be aware, on December 6, all seven members of BTS joined Instagram, causing ARMY to go crazy.

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Meanwhile, BTS member Suga has tested negative for Covid-19, giving ARMY yet another reason to rejoice. Suga’s recovery was announced by BigHit Music on Weverse. “Hello, this is BIGHIT Music,” the statement began. We’d like to let you know that BTS member SUGA has fully recovered from COVID-19, and his quarantine has ended as of today, January 3 at noon. SUGA has been able to resume his daily activities after receiving treatment at home for the past ten days, beginning on Friday, December 24. SUGA showed no symptoms during his quarantine and is currently recuperating at home. We’d like to express our gratitude to all fans who have expressed concern for the artist’s health, as well as medical professionals who are working hard to overcome COVID-19. We will continue to prioritise the health of the artists and strictly adhere to the healthcare guidelines. Thank you very much.

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