A member of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang asserts that Karan Johar was on the extortion list

A police official stated on Saturday that Siddhesh Kamble alias Mahakal, a suspected member of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, told investigators that Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar was on the list of those the gang sought to extort.

However, a top official cautioned that these assertions have not yet been validated and that Kamble’s statements may contain an element of boasting.

A police official stated that Kamble was a close associate of Santosh Jadhav, a suspect in the murder of Punjabi musician Sidhu Moosewala, and was aware of the murder plot.

Teams from the Delhi Police’s Special Cell, Punjab Police, and Mumbai Crime branch have interrogated Kamble in relation to the Moosewala murder and a threat letter received by Bollywood actor Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan earlier this month.

Kamble gave a great deal of information regarding the Moosewala murder conspiracy and named Santosh Jadhav and Nagnath Suryavanshi as those responsible for the murder, according to a PTI officer.

He also disclosed future plans of the Bishnoi group, which is believed to be responsible for Moosewala’s murder, according to the officer. Using threats, the gang allegedly intended to extort Rs 5 crore from Johar, he added.

A member of Lawrence Bishnoi's gang asserts that Karan Johar was on the extortion list.
A member of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang asserts that Karan Johar was on the extortion list.

According to Kamble’s confession, Goldie Brar’s brother, Vikram Brar, had discussed these plans with him over the Instagram and Signal apps. The official stated that a lady involved in drug trafficking and a physician who reportedly desecrated a Sikh sacred book were also on the list.

He stated that investigating agencies are still checking Kamble’s statements. Earlier this week, Jadhav and his associate Navnath Surnavanshi were detained in Bhuj, Gujarat, by the rural police of Pune.

The officer asserted that after the murder of Moosewala in May, the Bishnoi gang began to threaten Bollywood celebrities in order to capitalize on the excitement produced by the murder. Vikram Brar’s plot included extortion threats made against Salman Khan, he alleged.

The police had previously asserted, based on information provided by Kamble, that Vikram Brar had dispatched three members of the Bishnoi gang to Mumbai in order to deliver the threat letter to Salman Khan. A senior official of the Pune rural police, however, cautioned that they were still investigating Kamble’s claim that Karan Johar was a subject of extortion. “There is an element of boasting in the admissions of the accused.

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The purpose of boasting is to achieve notoriety and increase extortion amounts. This occurrence is widespread in Punjab and the neighboring states. They want their names associated with high-profile cases “said the officer.

Five criminals have claimed responsibility for the murder of Moosewala, but none of them were there when the crime occurred on May 29 in the Mansa district of Punjab, he said. “Mahakal is a little fish.

Vikram Brar told him about Karan Johar. Why did Brar tell Mahakal, a mere foot soldier, this? Brar desires to grow his influence and impress young people like Mahakal “he stated.

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