A match made in heaven! Fell in love with the delivery boy who came to deliver food, went on a date and got married

There is an old saying that matches are made in heaven! Something similar happened with a woman in Australia. When I felt hungry, I ordered food online. But she didn’t know that she would fall in love. This 30 year old woman was so impressed by the voice of the delivery driver who brought food that she decided to go on a date with him. That too without looking. Then both of them got married within a few days. Today he also has a 2 year old child.

According to Mirror’s report, Tanatsa, a resident of Darwin city, would never have imagined that the call she was going to make would be her love call. One day in 2020, she was alone at home. When I felt hungry, I ordered food online. Within a short time, a call came from a delivery driver named Corey Lucas. He told that he was standing outside. Leaving the parcel at the door. Tanatsa was so impressed by his conversation that she immediately messaged him and asked – Are you single? Even Lucas was not expecting this question. She immediately replied yes. Then what was left. The woman went on a date with Lucas the same day.

Lucas’ conversation was heart touching
Tanatsa told that we got married within a few days of our first meeting. Three months later, in June of the same year, Tanatsa became pregnant and today she has a 2-year-old child. Tanatsa said Lucas’ conversation on the phone was heart-touching. He was talking very nicely and giving a lot of respect. I asked her if she would mind leaving the package outside my apartment, since I was moving out soon. I felt deep inside that I should ask a question and that’s what I did.

Our love is getting stronger every day
Corey is from Melbourne and is working as a truck driver. He said, I am very happy that everything went well. We got married very happily and are living a comfortable life. Our love is growing stronger every day. I had just become single, I don’t know what happened, but suddenly something happened that changed our world. There was something special in that one minute conversation. I met his father just a week after our first meeting. He cooked dinner for me and Corey, it was an emotional moment. His family respects me a lot.

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