A drunken father slashed a four-year-old boy with a sword and buried him in front of his house

His uncle was the guardian of the deceased innocent. However, on the pretext of feeding her something, the accused father took her out of the house and murdered her. The accused was apprehended by the cops. The body of the child has been sent for a post-mortem examination. The police have begun their investigation.

In Khunti, Jharkhand, a shocking case has surfaced. A drunken father used a sword to kill his four-year-old son. Not only that, but the father hid the body of his son in the bushes before digging a pit in the house and burying it.

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A drunken father slashed
A drunken father slashed

In fact, there is a case in Khunti’s Adki police station’s Kadamdih village. Birju Munda used a sword to kill his four-year-old son Sadhuram Munda. The body was first hidden in the bushes and then buried in front of the house. Not only that, but the accused father threatened the villagers that if anyone reported him to the police, he would kill them as well.

The accused was brandishing a sword and threatening the villagers. However, the people of the village later took the sword from him under the guise of drinking alcohol. The murder was then reported to the authorities. According to reports, the accused frequently fought with his wife and abused her. For the past six months, the accused’s wife has been residing in the maternal home.

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