6 memorable test innings every cricket enthusiast adores

Test cricket has been around since 1877. Yes, over the years, the game has seen significant transformation and tweaks. But the ancestral thrill and delight it triggers in us still remains.

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Notably, some innings in these test matches have stood out across time. This article discusses the most memorable test cricket innings of all time.

Don Bradman

270 for Australia v England at Melbourne in 1936-37

The Australian batsman, Don Bradman, is regarded as one of the best batsmen to have ever lived. In 1936, he gave us a Test series to always remember. 

During the Test match between Australia and England, Bradman struggled to complete runs in each game. In fact, Australia was in a state of turmoil when it got to the third Test. 

At that time, they had lost 5 wickets for 97 runs, and Don Bradman was sick with flu.

But you all know how Don Bradman likes to be involved in the game, so he made his way onto the pitch, and then we saw him play what was known to be one of the greatest innings of all time. 

Don Bradson scored 270 runs during the second innings. Plus, he set a record stand of 346 alongside Jack Fingleton. Due to Don Bradman’s spectacular performance, Australia gained global recognition as the only cricket team to come out from a 2-0 deficit and win a five-Test series. 

Australia later went on to win the third Test with a total of 365 runs and also the entire series.

Brian Lara

153 for West Indies v Australia at Bridgetown in 1998-99

The former captain of the West Indies, Brian Lara, is also referred to as the best batsman in cricket history and is regarded as one of the all-time greats in Test cricket innings. 

During his time of play for the West Indies, Brian Lara showed excellent skills in his footwork and had impeccable technique and exceptional hand-eye coordination. 

In a Test match against England in 1994, Brian Lara made a 375-run innings record surpassing Sir Garry Sobers’ previous mark of 364. 

Also, Brian Lara was famous for helping the West Indies drive home a 365-run mark with a match-winning 153 in the fourth innings against Australia in 1999. 

Graham Gooch

154 for England v West Indies at Headingley in 1991.

Graham Gooch is one of the best cricketers known for having outstanding focus and perseverance. 

He showed uncommon technical prowess that allowed him to comfortably score runs in his matches. Also, Graham Gooch was known for his ability to study the game and quickly make changes to his batting strategy were necessary. 

In the 1990 Test match against the West Indies, Graham Gooch delivered a brilliant 333 in an exhibition demonstrating his batting mastery. With this, Graham Gooch set a new record over the previous record met by an English cricketer in a single inning. 

VVS Laxman

India v Australia, Kolkata, 2001

VVS Laxman has demonstrated his prowess on the cricket pitch many times, which crowned two of his cricket innings in a Test match as the best of all time. 

In 2001, he made 281 innings against Australia during the Kolkata Test match. This played out when India was 274 runs behind in their first inning and VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid’s 376-run partnership pulled India to a winning position.

VVS Laxman has more amazing performances that solidify him as one of the best cricketers. This includes 167 innings against Australia in Sydney, 148 innings against the West Indies in St. John’s, and 103 innings against South Africa in Cape Town.

Ian Botham

149 for England v Australia at Headingley in 1981

Ian Botham quickly made a name for himself in the 1981 Ashes Test series against Australia. While playing for England, Ian Botham made a remarkable 149 not out whilst trying to hit a difficult target of 403. 

Ian Botham made a lot of sixes and fours in his innings and his performance surpassed the Australians. 

In 1982, Ian Botham also displayed an incredible 118 innings against Pakistan at the point when England, his nation, was down on the scores.

Clem Hill

188 for Australia v England at Melbourne in 1897

Clem Hill was known to be one of the greatest cricketers of his time. Clem Hill had great skill at being a left-handed batsman. 

He showed passion and determination and put in a ton of practice to smoothen his rough edges, making him efficient.

Whilst a schoolboy, he started demonstrating his skills in cricket at age 16 and debuted in the South Australian team. When he turned 19 in 1896, he was already touring England, where he made his first Test match appearance. 

Two years later, at age 21, Clem Hill demonstrated a spectacular move by scoring 188 innings at his maiden Test century. 

Despite England featuring the likes of JT Hearne and Tom Richardson, who had fast and energetic bowling techniques ready to take Australia down with a huge blow, Clem Hill managed to be a miracle.

Clem Hill’s 188 innings at the Melbourne Cricket Ground still stands as the highest score made by an under-21 player in the Ashes Test.

Throughout the course of Test cricket, there have been many great innings that have caught the interest of viewers all over the world. The finest players in the sport demonstrate their talent, grit, and skill during these innings, which are the essence of what cricket has to offer.

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