5 new features are coming in Truecaller, know what changes

Truecaller has announced the addition of five new features. For Android users, the rollout will be completed soon.

Update from Truecaller: Truecaller is the most widely used caller ID app. On this platform, new features will be available soon. Five new features will be available to Android users. These features are being introduced by the company in order to improve the user experience. When will iOS users be able to use these features? This information has remained a secret. Let’s take a look at some of Truecaller’s upcoming features.

launcher for voice calls

Truecaller users will be able to use the Voice Call Launcher feature. Users will be able to see which users are available to talk to on Truecaller Voice as a result of this. This feature is only available for VoIP calls.

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SMS Blockade

SMS passcode lock is another feature. Truecaller has added this feature to protect users’ SMS privacy. With the help of a password, users will be able to lock their SMS. You’ll be able to use it if your device supports biometric or fingerprint authentication.

logs of phone calls

Truecaller will have long call logs available. Users can now access information from 1,000 call logs in the most recent version. The new update will include up to 6400 pieces of data.

These features will be available as well

For Video Call ID, users will have the option of using a face filter. The video call can be customized by users on the platform. Simultaneously, the built-in-templates feature will be added to the app. You will have a one-of-a-kind calling experience with the help of this.

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