3 Unique Benefits of Microsoft Access over other DBMS

Provided by Microsoft as a component of its Office Business Professional suite, MS Access is a database management system (DBMS) offered by Microsoft as a component of its Office Professional or Business suite, that enables one to design and manage databases. Excel is being used worldwide by many users, in order to analyze and present their data Microsoft Access Cloud Based is the best fit for businesses.

Here are 3 unique benefits of MS Access over other DBMS:

Designing Integrated Office Apps

You can instantly design Access Apps as per the needs of your co-workers. For instance, you can design an Access database that is connected to tables in Excel, so that the people working for you who are more used to working on excel can use it for data entry. By using VBA export and copy components, the reports in Access can be converted to Word documents. When utilizing Excel and Access collectively in an integrated Access/Excel application you can take benefit of Excel’s data analysis function like Pivot Tables and Access’s data editing functions and features like queries and SQL queries for closing outputs. You can also simply export Access reports or various objects as PDFs for reviewing.

Easy Sharing for your Database

Access has a multi-user function that enables sharing of a database with up to 40 users altogether. When used in a shared location, up to 40 users can work on the database concurrently. This means that if several users or admin have to edit or use the same database then they can all do modifications or edits in real-time without any data loss. As Microsoft Office software plans are universal in nature, sharing the database is very easy and effective. MS Access can also be hosted on Cloud Based Desktop to increase the productivity of work.

Share Access with the customers who do not have Access with the help of Access Runtime

With the help of Access Runtime sharing MS Access with other users who do not have the software becomes very easy. Microsoft offers Access Runtime free to download and use. One can hence create complete and customized databases and applications in Access and provide customers or potential clients, who do not have Access installed, to view and access your database by using Access Runtime. It is also beneficial when a user needs to share sample databases that you do not want to be changed as Runtime versions do not contain most of the design-related interfaces available, and hence end-users are not able to design their own required objects or edit the objects in your database. Hence, with the help of Access Runtime, you can share your sample Access databases to potential customers and show the service you provide with it as well as deliver the databases that are not allowed to be modified to existing customers, who do not have MS Access installed.

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