2024 Tata Sumo Reborn – Render With G Class Inspired Design

Now discontinued Tata Sumo used to come equipped with a 3.0L Dicor engine that was also found on Tata’s CV like Xenon Pickup

2024 Tata Sumo
2024 Tata Sumo Render

Remember the Tata Sumo? You do, don’t you? We have all seen one on our roads while growing. Sumo Grande, not so much. But the OG Sumo, is a very loved vehicle and is still currently in use by various Government officials. It was a workhorse from day one and stayed that way till the end of its life cycle.

Named after a class of Japanese wrestlers, Sumo was launched even before I was born. Since 1994, it is based on Tata’s X2 platform and has been a ladder frame vehicle with RWD and even 4X4. Because of its squarish appearance and large dimensions, it didn’t catch the fancy of private buyers.

New Tata Sumo Render

Now that Bimble Designs have rendered a tasty G Class inspired Tata Sumo, it begs the question whether Sumo could have survived today if it looked half as good as it does in this render. It is stupendous. Let’s take a look.

Not that Tata never made any attempts to keep the Sumo name alive. Sumo Grande was its luxurious version with Safari’s 2.2L engine option. By 2016, which flopped too. Tata Motors even got Narain Karthikeyan, an F1 and Le Mans Driver to make a bizarre and robotic advert. Nothing worked and it was discontinued in 2019.

2024 Tata Sumo
2024 Tata Sumo

Only if it looked like it does in this render. Speaking of, there is a generous use of chrome to highlight its straight lines. Window frame is now chrome and the body strip is too. Its boxy headlights are kept stock and its grille is now finished in satin black along with Tata emblems. There is a front splitter and on its bonnet, there are G Class inspired turn indicators.

There is a front spoiler and integrated into it are LEDs. The main highlight at front is a massive bonnet scoop, feeding air to its 3.0L Dicor engine. At the sides, we now have fat wheels jutting out of their wheel wells. There are new fenders to cover these fat wheels and tyres. Speaking of tyres, they are now low profile and are wrapped on a large alloy wheel. The side-mounted AMG inspired exhaust adds to its brilliance.


Complementing its front spoiler is a rear spoiler. It is tastily designed too. Vertical taillights used to be Tata’s signature before and pertain to this Sumo as well. All these elements add a lot of muscle to the already muscular Tata Sumo. Bimble Designs call it Tata Sumo Rocket as they made this render, how Brabus would have done if they had a hand in it.

2024 Tata Sumo
2024 Tata Sumo

Tata Motors is reincarnating Sierra as a modern lifestyle SUV with 5-doors. We had a Blue Sierra in the family and I love the idea of Tata bringing this fallen legend back. With no vehicle to pick up Sumo’s mantle, there is a spot in Tata’s portfolio to compete with Scorpio Classic.

Being the first car I ever drove, Sumo holds a special place in my heart. With a demand for a ladder frame SUV with rugged capability, a new Tata Sumo equipped with Tata’s 2.2L commercial engine to rival Scorpio Classic would make total sense if executed properly.


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