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Mercedes-Benz, the German luxury automaker has unveiled the cabin design and features of the upcoming all-new E-Class sedan. The 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is expected to arrive in various markets this year, including the India launch. While the car has been snapped multiple times, revealing the exterior design, this is for the first time the cabin has been revealed in its full glory. With Mercedes-Benz S-Class getting the new MBUX Superscreen, it was expected the company’s best-selling sedan will be offered with the industry’s largest screens inside the cabin.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class now gets the brand’s MBUX Superscreen, with displays on the centre console and in front of the passenger. The driver also gets a free-standing, fully-digital instrument cluster. What’s more exciting than the Superscreen is the fact that the two infotainment screens now enables the user to install third-party apps directly instead of being mirrored via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay via the ‘App Store’ of Mercedes.

This app vault will offer a range of directly-downloadable applications and will come with apps like Angry Birds, TikTok, Zoom and Webex. Not only this, the sedan will also come with a dashboard-mounted selfie photo and video camera, which can be used by some of the apps, including the Zoom and Webex for video conferencing. Apart from this, the passenger side screen will enable the passenger to play games like Angry Birds on their dedicate screen.

Mercedes-Benz will also be offering the E-Class with ZYNC Entertainment Portal, which is said to provide “on-demand content, interactive experiences, local video programs, sports, news and more.” This immersive content can be enjoyed using the 17-speaker 4D Burmester sound system, which will sport active lights that respond to the sound inside and double-up as visual warnings.

To save the drive from the distraction of content, the E-Class will get a “visual shield”. As the name suggests, it will prevent the E-Class driver from seeing the content via another camera which monitors the driver’s eye movements.

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