2023 Bajaj Qute Homologated For Private Use

At 12.8 bhp, power is now up by 2 bhp on Bajaj Qute 4W quadricycle ensuring faster acceleration

2023 Bajaj Qute
2023 Bajaj Qute

Do you want to own a rear-engined vehicle? for a reasonable price? Tempted, aren’t ya? If a McLaren or a Lamborghini popped up in your mind, that’s not what we are after. What we have for you is a Bajaj Qute 4W vehicle which you can buy very soon. Yes. You, a private buyer, can soon buy a Bajaj Qute.

Bajaj Qute is only offered for commercial purposes as of now. But soon it will go on sale for private buyers across the country. As per the latest NCAT type approval, 2023 Qute is now more powerful, weighs an extra 17 kg and can be bought and registered under Private/Non-transport category as well. Pricing is not yet known.

Bajaj Qute For Private Use

India isn’t very familiar with the word quadricycle. This is a bridge between a three-wheeler and a four-wheeler vehicle and doesn’t have to comply with the same regulations as cars. This tussle of quadricycles is why it took Bajaj forever to finally launch Qute in 2018. Launched at Rs. 2.48 lakh (ex-sh), it was best suited to be an auto-rickshaw replacement.

Both have seating for three, but Qute has a monocoque construction and a fixed roof providing comfort, protection and a barrier from harsh weather. Bajaj wanted to launch Qute for private buyers, but that did not happen at the time of launch in 2018. Bajaj has now gotten Qute type approved for Private/Non-transport category.

2023 Bajaj Qute homologated
2023 Bajaj Qute homologated

Since it is still a quadricycle, top speed is likely to be capped at 70 km/h. But there is a rise in power at 12.8 bhp, up from 10.8 bhp. This should ensure brisker acceleration, shaving a second or two to 70 km/h limit. Along with power, weight has gone up by 17 kg.

New Features

Earlier, petrol-only Qute used to weigh 451 kg, while CNG crossed the 500 kg mark. The type approval mentions a kerb weight of 468 kg. Bajaj Qute 4W gets sliding windows and lacks rolling windows, which are common with cars.

Also, there is no provision for any sort of air circulation. It means no AC even as a paid option. Also, there is no mention of a CNG variant in this type approval. The added 17 kg weight is likely due to the addition of conventional windows and AC. Seating will strictly be limited to 4 people including the driver.

2023 Bajaj Qute - Rear seat belts
2023 Bajaj Qute – Rear seat belts

Bajaj Qute 4W is powered by a 216 cc single-cylinder engine making 10.8 bhp of power and 16.1 Nm of torque. Power is now up by 2 bhp at 12.8 bhp and torque is likely to be the same. Mated to this engine is a 5-speed sequential gearbox with reverse gear just like you would see on an auto rickshaw. No ‘H’ pattern gearbox.

Price at launch in 2018 was Rs. 2.48 lakh. Given that it is 2023, a higher price tag of around Rs. 2.8 lakh is expected. If Bajaj offers AC and other basic creature comforts that are expected from a car, this price would be well justified. In contrast, India’s cheapest ‘car’ currently, Maruti Alto 800 is priced from about Rs 3.4 lakh ex-sh.

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