1win India Betting Odds Guide 2023

Odds for a 1win Bet 

OneWin (1win) is a betting establishment that provides gamers with excellent prospects for reliable and respectable financial gain. Since 2016, it has been thriving. You may play a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, scratch cards, and lotteries, at the supplied gambling establishment. In either the “instant play” mode or by downloading the file. 

Specifications of Primary Interest

The casino 1win India brags that it provides its clients with a genuine paradise of entertainment, and it can back up those claims in a variety of ways. Cryptocurrencies’ availability attests to the reliability of payment methods; there’s also fantastic customer service and a tonne of cash prizes up for grabs. Here are some of the bookie’s distinguishing features to help you better grasp its offerings:

Date of establishment2018
ProductsBetting, Casino, Live Casino, Aviator, Movies, Trading
LanguageHI, RU, UA, AZ, KZ, KG, TG, MD, DE, EN, ES, PT, FR, IT, PL, TR, IN, ZA, ID
BonusesFirst deposit 500%
Deposit limitMinimum INR 100
SoftwareMobile App, PC Client, Browser Version
Accept players from IndiaYes
Support24 Hour Chat, Email, Phone Number

In this comprehensive analysis of the dealer’s online gambling establishment, we’ll cover every last detail. So, keep reading, and have pleasure in it!

Coefficients and how they are determined

Learn about the top three similar odds offered by the supplied bookmaker. Finally, here they are:

  • Decimal (European);
  • Frequent (English);
  • South American.

I don’t care which one, let’s examine it in detail. If you’re interested in staying “in the loop.” Study the following odds definitions and examples. And in the future, you may easily compute them on your own and set up your bet properly.


In the United States, we use a different format for our ratios. Both positive “+” and negative “-” integers can stand for them. If you see a “-” before a number, it signifies that your potential winnings are fewer than your wager. A common example is to = -200. The sum of 200 indicates the stake required to obtain a 100-unit pivot. This means that a victory of INR 16429 will net you an additional INR 8214. In mathematics, the plus sign is the simplest notation. If you bet 100 units and win, this is how much money you’ll have. That is, if k = +300, then an entry wager of INR 8214 would provide a profit of INR 24643. The second method is more practical for Indian players.

European Decimal System

The one with the broadest and most widespread acceptance. As an illustration:

  • 1.58;
  • 5.00;
  • 2.45 and others. 

In this situation, the gain is calculated by multiplying the initial investment by the coefficient. Here’s an illustration: if k = 2.5 and the bet is 1000, the payout will be 2500.

Fractional (English)

This is how they appear:

  • 6/1;
  • 4/2;
  • 3/2 and others. 

Probability of winning is expressed as a numerator. For instance, this is all really basic information. And the bet itself serves as the denominator. Foreigners are more likely to use fractional odds. In fact, that sets up the next conclusion well.Monthly coefficients may be derived from fractional coefficients by dividing the fraction by six and adding one, yielding 3.0.

How can I find out the odds?

Bookmakers create the odds on which gamblers rely. This is how they determine whether or not a certain action or occurrence is plausible in their opinion. You’ll have to keep reading to figure it out. The odds are often presented as a fraction (such as 2.0) or a decimal (3.0). In the UK and Europe, they are standard fare. When the number is a plus or minus sign, you can use the American or international path. Bookmakers employ stake odds for wagering on everything from horse races and soccer games to reality TV shows and public celebrities.

How to Make a Deposit or Withdrawal

The following is a list of deposit and withdrawal options that may be helpful to new users, even though they are obvious to seasoned veterans. Please read it thoroughly so that you may make appropriate use of this data in the future. A rundown follows:

  • Visa/Mastercard;
  • Maestro;
  • Lizard;
  • Skrill;
  • Payer;
  • Bindings;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Paytm;
  • Google Pay;
  • Airtel;
  • UPI;
  • PhonePe;
  • FC Wallet;
  • Vietcombank;
  • BCash;
  • IMPS;
  • Jetson;
  • Indian Banks;
  • Mobile Commerce;
  • Impatient;
  • Payer;
  • Advakesh;
  • Perfect Money.

There are several options available. No gambling establishment will provide you with such a list. Here are a handful of the most attractive withdrawal and deposit promotions currently available to Indian players. After signing up, you’ll have access to the platform’s extensive documentation detailing the various donation and payment options available. Plus, the first investment is a low 300 INR.

License and regulation 

The Government of Curaçao’s Gambling Authority has authorised and regulates this gaming operation. Sports betting, casino games, and poker are just some of the many offerings from this bookmaker. The betting company is keen to ensure that all customers play in a safe and responsible manner. Autonomous auditors do random checks to ensure the games are fair and fun. Players’ personal details and money are still protected by the industry’s top-tier safeguards. Therefore, this is one of the safest and most dependable options for playing games online.

Customer Service

You may reach them through a variety of channels, including a live chat, a phone number, and an email address. Operators in the support department are accessible at all times and will respond quickly. Here’s a simple rundown:

  • By email, 1 – 24 hours;
  • By cell phone, instantly;
  • Via chat, instantly.

Don’t be shy about contacting support. Keep in mind that no matter what comes up, they will be there to assist you. Helpers at the centre are highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in psychology. This means that all interactions will be conducted with the utmost respect and professionalism.

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