18 quintals of ganja hidden in a charcoal tanker, three arrested in an encounter

Three people were arrested in Agra’s Thana Sikandra area for smuggling more than 18 quintals of ganja in a charcoal tanker. One of the accused was shot in the leg during the encounter with the police. Like in the movie Pushpa, the accused had hidden the ganja in the tanker. Sikandra police were checking near TSF Cut on Wednesday night, according to SSP Sudhir Kumar Singh. Then, behind it, an Innova car and a tanker were seen. When he was stopped by the police, he quickly turned around and began running.

The police stopped the Innova and the tanker near village Lakhanpur on Bichpuri road. The driver of the Innova got out and fled, but the two occupants of the tanker were apprehended. Another accomplice then exited the tanker and began running. This was pursued by the cops. The suspects opened fire, and the officers narrowly escaped.

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ganja hidden in a charcoal tanker
ganja hidden in a charcoal tanker

A reward of 15,000 was offered to the injured crook

In retaliation, the police opened fire, injuring the accused. He was taken to the hospital and admitted. Virat Singh alias Munna, according to the police, is the injured criminal. He lives in the village of Kanwara, which is part of the Jagdishpura police station in Bhojpur. He was given a reward of $15,000 for his efforts.

Somnath, a resident of West Bengal’s 24 Parganas, and Karan Kumar, a resident of Jharkhand, are Munna’s companions. Bittu, a resident of Bhojpur, is the absconding defendant. He is being sought by the police.

According to police, the tanker was carrying charcoal, and the accused had brought 18 quintals of 20 kg ganja in it. He was planning on smuggling and selling them. Bittu, the absconding partner, was demonstrating the location by walking in front of the car. He is now being sought by the police. Pushpa, the accused, was carrying ganja and hiding it between the lines of the movie.

This isn’t the first time ganja has been smuggled in the Agra district. Many ganja shipments have been intercepted in both the city and the countryside. This isn’t the first time Ganja has been caught. The canter is sometimes transported in the back of the truck. The police are always on the lookout for criminals.

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