10 things your work wardrobe needs!

10 things your work wardrobe needs!

dsitting chic in the office is no longer a far-fetched idea. You may not be in charge, but take charge of how you look as it improves efficiency at work. Not only are you comfortable with yourself, your look demands more attention and you can present yourself in your true grit and elegance. Instill an aura of conventional yet comfortable with these garments in your workwear wardrobe.

white top

A white shirt as a trend has been a trend for decades and is an indispensable item of clothing in all our work cabinets. If you want to use your enduring sense of style in the office, a crisp white blouse is a great replacement for the monotonous white shirt. Not too full, not lacy, this blouse has a basic cut and should be versatile enough to be worn with a skirt, trousers or fitted trousers.

wide leg pants

Take formal attire to a whole new level with wide leg trousers and a solid colored shirt. Be sure to choose subtle pastels or subdued shades of vibrant colors and a silhouette that is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to the body. Pants length, fit and which shoes to combine are essential factors to consider when choosing this trend.

black pencil skirt

Put an oriental twist on boring workwear with a black pencil skirt worn with a fitted shirt. Make sure the shirt has a neat, crisp collar, a not too tight fit and perfectly ironed sleeves. The skirt can be worn with a basic black belt if desired.

Pantsuits or Skirtsuits

Due to the matching trend of the top and the bottom garment, the pants/skirt suit trend is big this season. Dedicate an entire wardrobe to this as you head out to make heads turn with your uber-chic attire. Take a break from the conventional and predictable and adopt this trend with open arms if you are someone who likes to be at the forefront of fashion, even at work.

Basic blazer

A blazer is a must-have if you’re lucky enough to have a routine and a space you can call “office.” Choose from neutral tones – gray, black, beige or dark blue and you will be sure to look like a business woman at first glance. A good fit is paramount, as far as a blazer and its cut is concerned.

checkered shirt

Say hello to new beginnings at work as you pair a smart and well-fitted plaid shirt with black straight pants. A look that doesn’t require you to experiment or go out of your way to attract attention. It’s comfortable and a favorite with style leaders!

Slim fit pants or jeggings

A trend that moves rapidly in all our wardrobes. Fits well on any body type, be it curvy or athletic. It helps to shape your silhouette, making you look lean and tall, hiding flaccidity and making you love the way your lower body looks. Black slim-fit trousers, black jeggings or well-fitting black leggings are a must for every working girl. Combine it with a long plain shirt, a subtle tunic or a white shirt.

Classic handbag

A classically structured handbag has stood the test of time and is sure to go well with your office attire. Carry all your gear in an organized way and make sure there is a compartment for all your small essentials like lipstick, cellphone and comb.

Black leather pumps

The perfect way to elevate your outfit is by wearing a pair of sexy black leather pumps. Keep them well polished and not too high.

Watch and other accessories

A little is enough, so you don’t have to cover! A scarf is a great accessory for the office. Give your look a wild edge with a stylish metal watch in silver, matte gold or white finish. Wear stud earrings or a light bracelet and keep makeup basic and minimal.

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