10 Things You Should Know About Hawks From My Hero Academia

This popular Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Khei Horikoshi, has recently been adapted into a popular television series of the same name. It recounts the adventures of a young boy who was born into a world of superheroes but who had no special abilities. Hawks is one such hero, an enigmatic fan favourite with a look and skills that are reminiscent of Warren Worthington III, a.k.a. Angel from the X-Men series.
The man who created Hawks the heroic superhero is less well-known than Hawks the noble superhero. Following the course of the character’s future, you progressively learn more about their past, as is customary in Japanese comics. The following are ten facts you should know about the Hawks.

Hawks From My Hero Academia
Hawks From My Hero Academia

10/10 Real Name

Although Hawks was the character’s given name from the beginning, his real name was not revealed in the fiction until issue #266, despite the fact that his real name had already been revealed in the official My Hero Academia character books.

Hawks’ true identity was revealed during the Paranormal Liberation War arc, when it was revealed that his real name is Keigo Takami. Hawks receives the truth nugget from the wicked Dabi, who is engaged in a losing effort to recover control of the situation.

9/10 Appearance of Hawk

Hawks is a slim man of average height who has expressed his dissatisfaction with the width of his back on a number of occasions. He has fluffy blonde hair that is usually slicked back in a lazy manner, with a few strands sticking up or hanging loose at the back of his neck.

Hawks’ eyes are “golden-brown” in colour and are unusually triangular in shape for a human to behold. The man has massive red wings protruding from the back of his head, and he has thick eyebrows and a 5 o’clock shadow on his face. These wings are feathered, with longer feathers extending further down the wing as one moves further down the wing.

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8/10 Costume

Hawks is dressed in a black T-shirt with a cryptic golden pattern reminiscent of a crop circle on the front. His boots are black, and his trousers are tan in colour, giving the impression that he is wearing an aviator’s uniform, which is correct.

Similarly styled, the hawk’s jacket also has a tall and broad neckline as well as wing holes and a thick inner lining of fur that extends all the way up to the collar and cuffs. Also notable are the two square studs in his earlobes, as well as the fact that he usually wears a bright yellow visor and yellow headphones.

Hawks From My Hero Academia
Hawks From My Hero Academia

7/10 Quirk

Ken’s Quirk is “Fierce/Mighty Wings,” which grants him the ability to fly thanks to two large red feathered wings on his back and the ability to fly as a result. He also has the ability to telepathically control the movement of each individual feather, which he frequently employs as projectiles. The feathers are incredibly strong and sensitive, giving him abilities that are similar to those of an echolocation device.
However, one disadvantage of Hawks’ incredibly resilient wings is that they shed feathers until Hawks is left with none, after which it takes two days for them to regrow. Hawks is forced to be selective in how and when he uses his powers, and he is unable to save everyone all of the time.

6/10 Other Abilities

Despite the fact that Hawks is the first to admit that he is not among the most physically strong heroes, he more than makes up for it with his incredible speed and agility. His other qualities include being extremely intelligent and cunning, as well as being a good improviser when under pressure.

Hawks is skilled in politics, espionage, and playing both sides because of this, as well as the unique abilities of his wings. In addition, he appears to have exceptional vision.

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5/10 Allegiance

Hawks has proven to be extremely loyal to the HPSC despite the fact that he is an independent and intelligent individual (Hero Public Safety Commission). He frequently behaves in a sarcastically subservient manner, and he is frequently quite cynical about the expectations placed on him; however, he always performs his duties.

When it comes to power and recognition, Keigo doesn’t demonstrate a strong desire for either, which may explain why he is more comfortable receiving orders than giving them.

Hawks From My Hero Academia
Hawks From My Hero Academia

4/10 Personality

Despite the fact that the show is action-oriented, My Hero Academia is known for its compelling characters. While Hawks is inherently good and noble, he also has a distinct personality; he is well-known among his friends and acquaintances for being genuine, honest, and extremely talkative.

He approaches life and heroism with a laid-back, bordering on lazy attitude that inspires others to approach their work in a similar manner as well. Rick Sanchez would nod his head in agreement.

3/10 Work Ethic

However, Hawks is dedicated to his duties as a hero despite his laid-back and unambitious demeanour at times. According to him, public opinion is the most important way to judge a hero because it is the hero’s responsibility to make people feel safe as well as to protect them; however, this is something he claims to be incompetent at doing himself.

In spite of his dedication to the cause, Hawks has stated that he would prefer to be among the lesser heroes, where less is expected of him, where he can “take it easy,” and where he does not have to worry about setting a good example while carrying out his responsibilities.

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2/10 Scar

Dabi, also known as Blueflame, is one of Hawks’ main antagonists who has appeared in a number of different storylines. He has been a member of the Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains, the Paranormal Liberation Front (formerly the Meta Liberation Army), and the Vanguard Action Guerilla Warfare Regiment: Violet, among other groups and organisations.

In the end, it is Dabi who reveals Keigo’s true identity, thereby exposing his past to suspicious speculation. Hawks was also once struck in the face by Dabi during a battle, resulting in a permanent scar on the left side of his face that remains to this day.

Hawks From My Hero Academia
Hawks From My Hero Academia

1/10 Goals

Hawks is a hero who understands that it is his responsibility as a good guy to stop the bad guys and who takes his profession seriously. Keigo, as an individual, has never been interested in fame or attention, and prefers to live a stress-free life.

He has expressed his thoughts about his ideal role within the HPSC on a number of occasions: Having a lower-ranking hero position allows him to take his time patrolling the streets and enjoying his free time in peace, which is something that we can all relate to on a subconscious level. The kind of person who views a coma as a vacation makes sense for a hero who is well-known in his or her field of endeavour.

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