Greece is an impeccable honeymoon destination and the entire world loves the country! Besides the historic UNESCO sites, rustic buildings and ancient ruins, there are breathtaking islands, beaches, resorts and cities to explore. Also, there are many interesting things to do on your Greece honeymoon with your partner. Let us dive in to know about the 10 most romantic things to do in Greece at night where the whole country comes to life!

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10 romantic things to do in Greece at night

  1. Go on a romantic dinner date
  2. Relax by the beaches
  3. Go on a night food tour
  4. Watch the sunset from Mount Lycabettus
  5. Visit a night market in Athens
  6. Night party at Zakynthos island
  7. Night photoshoot near the Acropolis of Athens
  8. A hot bath with a view in Santorini
  9. Go on a cruise ride to the Blue Caves from Corfu
  10. Catch a movie at an open-air theatre
  • Go on a romantic dinner date

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Romantic dates can never go out of style. Especially when you are in a dreamy place like Greece for your honeymoon, you should never miss out on going on dinner dates with your partner. Some of the best places where you can go on dates are Athens city, Crete island, Zakynthos island and Santorini. You can also opt for roof-top restaurants and enjoy your romantic dinner date at night! Any Greece honeymoon package will have this listed as the best thing to do on your honeymoon!

  • Relax by the beaches

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There are plenty of beaches to explore in the country on your honeymoon. To relax by the beachside with your partner is one of the best things you can do on your honeymoon. The whole place looks bright and lit up during the night and is full of life. You can go on slow bike rides, cruising, boat rides or just relax by the sea and enjoy the mesmerising views. This is one of the most heartwarming things to do in Greece on your honeymoon!

  • Go on a night food tour

Are you someone that gets happy and excited when served amazing food? Then you should definitely go on a food tour or food hunt in the streets of Greece. There is some amazing street food to try like taramasalata, Moussaka, courgette balls and steak and cheese. Also, make sure to try the best in town by doing small and basic research before going on the food hunt!

  • Watch the sunset from Mount Lycabettus

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Watching a sunset is always a romantic thing to do no matter where you are! Mount Lycabettus is the highest peak in Athens and an amazing viewpoint too. The crimson red sunset, aerial view of the city, birds chirping and the fantastic feel will make you fall for the country even more! Do make it a point to experience this amazing feeling at the highest peak in Athens!

  •  Visit a night market nearby

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Visiting a market during the evening and night is always fascinating. Because you will get to experience the raw and authentic essence of the place. You will get to meet many new people, know some interesting stories, learn about the local items, enjoy street food and buy some memorable souvenirs. The pretty fairy lights and cobbled streets will give you an aesthetic feel!

  • Night party at Zakynthos island

Zakynthos might not be a party island but there are many beach resorts and party areas where you can enjoy some bomb parties in town. You can either enter into any party and enjoy or just pay and participate in any DJ or club to enjoy the night. Partying with your partner is one of the most vibrant things you can do! The green island, blue waters, lights all over and people enjoying the night altogether is such a sight to witness!

  • Night photoshoot near the Acropolis of Athens

How about a romantic photoshoot on your honeymoon with your partner? Sound different and interesting right? While in Greece, you cannot miss out on clicking pictures in front of the Acropolis of Athens which is an inevitable UNESCO site! This place looks literally stunning at night and the pictures will turn out great! You can hire a photographer and do a romantic photoshoot at night in any place in Athens!

  • A hot bath with a view in Santorini

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How can a honeymoon to Greece be complete without a trip to Santorini? This island is very famous for its stunning beach views, open baths and private hot tubs. After a busy day of roaming in the city, you can enjoy a rejuvenating bath in the tubs with an exquisite view, authentic Greek food, wine and hand in hand with your partner. This will make you forget all the stress you’ve ever had and just enjoy the moment!

  • Go on a cruise ride to the Blue Caves from Corfu

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Blue caves is an unavoidable place in Corfu, a beautiful island in Greece. Exploring the caves into the deep ocean on a sailboat with your partner is a peculiar thing to do. There are many day trips from Corfu to the Blue caves and other nearby places. Pristine waters, dark caves, limestone rocks and cliffs are some of the notable attractions of this amazing place! Do check out this place on your honeymoon because this is such a unique and romantic place in Greece!

  • Catch a movie at an open-air theatre

Movie with your partner might not be a unique thing to do but, have you ever been to an open-air theatre? Open-air theatre in Peloponnese is a world-famous attraction that still stands strong. The gallery type cinema, red chairs and food stalls are some of the best reasons to visit this open-air cinema in Greece. English and Greek movies are usually played here on a huge white screen. You can grab a quick snack or a drink, sit back and enjoy your movie night with your loved one! Voila! This is the end of the 10 most romantic things to do at night with your partner on your Greece honeymoon! With all the above-said things, holding hands, dancing together, talking for hours, stargazing and living the moment will make you experience the most out of it! Plan your Greece honeymoon package with Pickyourtrail and claim the best offers. Also, check out Greece honeymoon packages to know about the pre-packages and choose your favourite package!

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